A day on the water beneath Nevada’s abundant sunshine attracts many people looking for a good time. Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, Pyramid Lake, and Lake Tahoe can all get busy with motorboats, sailboats, and personal watercraft. The potential for accidents that cause serious injuries is high. Water can obscure swimmers. High waves and wakes can toss boats and make people fall off. Intoxicated or inattentive boat operators can collide. With so many possibilities, you may want to consult a boat accident attorney in Las Vegas for help finding out what happened when you got hurt.

 To collect compensation for your boat accident injuries, you must prove negligence. Your injuries probably prevented you from gathering evidence in the moment of crisis, but a Las Vegas boating accident attorney can track down more information. 

Boat Operators’ Responsibilities

 In some cases, a boat operator’s negligence arises from a failure to comply with the law. Nevada requires people operating a motorboat with 15 or more horsepower to complete a boating education class if they were born on or after Jan. 1, 1983. Someone in that age group whose boat operation caused an accident could be found liable for financial damages if that education had been skipped. 

 Additional types of boating violations:

  • Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Failing to stock a boat with necessary safety equipment
  • Speeding
  • Forming a wake in a no-wake zone
  • Boating in officially dangerous conditions, such as bad weather or fog
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Boat Accident Investigation

At the time of your injury, you may not have known what caused the accident. One or more boat or watercraft operators may have denied fault. You might have no idea if the boat operators in question had completed the required training. A boating accident lawyer in Las Vegas can step in and begin gathering details about that day. 

 To build your case, a lawyer could:

  • Request the sheriff’s department or U.S. Coast Guard report about the incident
  • Take pictures of boat damage.
  • Take pictures of your injuries.
  • Collect testimony from witnesses
  • Ask for a boat operator’s training credentials.
  • Look up whether from that day.

 A Las Vegas boating accident attorney will also track down sources of compensation for you. Unlike automobiles, boats do not have a legal requirement to be insured. An attorney will check for an active boat insurance policy. If one is not present, the possibility exists that a homeowner’s policy could pay for some expenses. Additionally, the personal financial resources of the at-fault party could be subject to a court judgment if negligence can be proven. Contact the Lach Injury Law for a free consultation today!

Recoverable Damages

Boat injuries can range from minor to deadly and everything in between. Propeller injuries can result in deep lacerations or amputations. Head trauma from falling against a deck or railing can leave someone with permanent cognitive impairments. 

As with any other injury case, the law obligates the responsible party to compensate you for any expenses, such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost current and future income
  • Pain and suffering

A boat accident attorney in Las Vegas will organize documentation that justifies a settlement for all recoverable damages. Legal support could result in a strong case that clearly illustrates negligence and identifies sources of compensation. Get answers about your boat accident before the statute of limitations erases your legal options. Call Lach Injury Law today.

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