The federal government received reports about more than 35,000 workplace injuries and illnesses, not counting fatalities, at Nevada’s private employers in 2019. Employees have almost no legal capacity to sue their employers for damages resulting from workplace accidents because of workers’ compensation insurance. 

Employers carry this coverage to pay for the medical treatment and death benefits of injured or sickened workers. State law does not require you to prove any fault or negligence against your employer to receive these benefits. However, you will still be dealing with an insurance company. The representation of a worker’s compensation attorney in Las Vegas could be crucial for receiving fair treatment and collecting all necessary benefits.

Protect Your Rights to Compensation

All insurers strive to limit what they pay to claimants, but the worker’s compensation system can be notoriously tricky. Employers dislike workplace accident claims and may not offer you much information about your rights. You may need to speak with a worker’s compensation lawyer in Las Vegas to get clear answers about how to access necessary medical care and pay for it. Make an appointment with a lawyer by contacting Lach Injury Law today.

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You Must Report Your Accident

Insurers covering injured workers want clear evidence that your expenses resulted from a workplace accident. For this reason, the regulations impose strict deadlines to file a claim for benefits successfully. 

You have only seven days to inform your employer about the accident. Medical conditions diagnosed by a physician who says your job duties or workplace exposures were the source of the medical problem should be reported to your employer as soon as you learn about it within seven days. Health problems not directly linked to a specific accident include issues like repetitive motion injuries or respiratory illnesses caused by workplace dust or mold. After filing a report with your employer, you then have 90 days to send in your claim.

Reporting the accident to your employer requires the completion of a C-1 Notice of Injury. When receiving medical care, the provider should ask you to complete a C-4 form that a physician submits to your employer’s insurer. Be very careful to mention all injuries and symptoms on these forms. 

Legal Assistance During a Stressful Time

Facing a long recovery or even disability is upsetting enough without having to worry about your income. A worker’s compensation policy could cover many expenses depending on your need. Coverage should be available for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation
  • Occupational retraining, if needed
  • Lost pay
  • Disability
  • Death

The services of a worker’s compensation lawyer in Las Vegas will relieve you of the burden of identifying precisely what a policy will cover for you. A lawyer can research the coverage and document why you qualify for it. Your lawyer can keep track of deadlines that you might miss because of the distraction of your injury or illness. 

Many workplace injury claims have origins within the workplace. However, suppose you suspect that a chemical exposure or years of physical work are behind your medical problem. In that case, an insurer may look for plausible reasons to deny the association between the workplace and your financial need. Legal support could be especially important for such a case due to your vulnerability to a claim denial. A worker’s compensation attorney in Las Vegas could collect supporting evidence and overcome attempts to avoid paying your bills. 

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