Motorcyclists hurt in accidents often face accusations that they were at fault. Insurers confronted by claims of severe injuries will want to avoid liability as much as possible. With support from a motorcycle accident lawyer in Las Vegas, you could keep the focus on the other driver’s failures or illegal actions. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, most motorcycle accidents involving multiple vehicles result from other drivers not seeing motorcyclists. Accidents commonly happen when passenger vehicles turn left in front of motorcycles or pull out in front of them at intersections. 

 As a motorcyclist, you understand that you are physically exposed and less visible to people in passenger or commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, the caution that you exercise while on your bike cannot eliminate the threat of a careless or negligent driver. 

 For this reason, personal injury law supports your right to compensation from the at-fault party. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Las Vegas understands the issues that could influence your claim. A thorough investigation of the accident by a skilled lawyer may defeat attempts to devalue your claim. 

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Building a Strong Accident Case

 After getting hurt on your motorcycle, you cannot depend on the goodwill of an insurer. Your financial need may be significant because of severe or disabling injuries. You could place your compensation for injuries in jeopardy if you speak with an insurer before consulting a Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney. Without the benefit of legal advice, you might unknowingly make a statement that an insurer will interpret as an admission of fault. 

 You have the option of acquiring legal representation and shifting all communications to your attorney. Our management of discussions and negotiations with your insurer or a third-party insurer can protect your legal rights. We accomplish this by gathering evidence about whose mistake or failure caused your crash and what the financial consequences have been for you. 

Investigating a Case Thoroughly

 Proving fault in your case comes down to evidence. You may quickly feel overwhelmed by the need to collect information about what happened at the accident scene, especially if you had to be hospitalized. Accident investigation represents one of the many services that a motorcycle accident attorney in Las Vegas can provide. When necessary, a lawyer could obtain expert medical opinions that challenge conclusions made by an insurance adjuster about your medical need. 

 Lach Injury Law can gather:

  • A police report
  • Witness testimony
  • Photographs of the accident scene
  • Photographs of vehicle damage
  • Photographs of your injuries
  • Records of weather or road conditions
  • Surveillance video, if available
  • An accident reconstruction specialist’s report

 After presenting strong evidence of who is at fault, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Las Vegas also documents your medical expenses and other losses. Insurers are well aware that motorcycle accident victims suffer injuries at a high rate. When the NHTSA compared motorcycle to passenger vehicle accidents, motorcyclists experienced injuries four times more often than people in enclosed vehicles. 

 However, to collect compensation, you will need clear evidence about your injuries and their resulting expenses. Legal support can help you access the medical care necessary to obtain crucial medical records that explain your temporary or permanent physical problems. 

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 Your financial world can take a big hit after you get hit on your motorcycle. You deserve strong legal representation that can pursue all available compensation to pay your bills. Contact our office today to learn how an attorney can help.

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