The Las Vegas area continues to have a problem with pedestrian accidents. As of May 2021, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reported that 16 people had already lost their lives in pedestrian accidents. These terrible events are not limited to visitors in tourist areas. Most of the accidents involve locals throughout the valley. 

 Surviving family members or survivors left injured after being hit by a vehicle often have questions about what happened. If you are in this situation, then the medical bills are piling up and your income may be diminishing. An insurance company could try to shift the blame on you to avoid paying a full settlement. A Las Vegas pedestrian accident attorney steps up for people struggling with serious injuries who need a negligent party to compensate them.

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Pedestrians Most at Risk

Higher traffic speeds and the distractions of mobile devices are increasing threats to people on foot. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, older adults age 65 and up represented 20% of all pedestrian fatalities in 2017. On the other end of the age spectrum, 20% of children under 15 killed in traffic were pedestrians. 

Alcohol impairment contributes to pedestrian accidents as well. Nearly half of fatal pedestrian accidents were attributed to either driver or pedestrian intoxication. An intoxicated driver presents clear evidence of negligence that a pedestrian accident lawyer in Las Vegas could justify an insurance settlement. 

Pedestrians in Peril

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reported that a pedestrian died in the United States every 85 minutes in 2019. People on foot get hit by motor vehicles or suffer other accidents in several ways. Some of the most common scenarios are:

  • Vehicles speeding or running red lights
  • Pedestrians disobeying traffic signals or ignoring crosswalks
  • Distracted drivers and/or distracted pedestrians
  • Drivers failing to yield at intersections or crosswalks
  • Unsupervised children crossing streets
  • Intoxicated drivers and/or pedestrians not seeing each other

Severe Injuries and Financial Consequences

Due to the total physical vulnerability of an unprotected human body compared to a motor vehicle, survivors frequently face very high medical expenses. Hospitalization and lengthy rehabilitation periods are not unusual. At times, people must contend with permanent disabilities because of spine or brain damage. 

As you would expect, injured pedestrians experience intense financial disruption when they cannot go to work, go to school, or care for family members. Medical expenses compound the problem, and you may be hoping for an insurance settlement to make you financially whole. An insurer will hope to take advantage of your urgent need and convince you to settle quickly. For this reason, you should get legal advice from a pedestrian accident attorney in Las Vegas before talking to an insurance adjuster. 

 An attorney could:

  • Shield you from attempts to make you admit fault
  • Thoroughly evaluate your current and long-term financial need
  • Collect evidence and expert testimony that strengthens your legal position
  • Manage settlement negotiations
  • Take your case to court if necessary

Lach Injury Law Can Help

 We understand that you need compassionate service and someone to champion your cause when you have suffered significant injuries. A Las Vegas pedestrian accident attorney can take care of all of the paperwork and tough negotiations while you recover. Contact our office today.

Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney | Lach Injury Law


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