A Las Vegas underinsured/uninsured coverage lawyer helps people access funds from their policies when an at-fault driver’s insurance is inadequate or nonexistent. In Nevada, insurance law directs people to collect financial damages from the drivers responsible for the accidents. However, if your medical expenses and other losses exceed available third-party insurance coverage, then you can seek compensation from your auto policy’s uninsured/underinsured coverage. 

 As you can imagine or have already discovered, your insurer is probably not eager to receive these claims. Insurers prefer to deflect or reduce claims whenever possible, but an attorney knowledgeable about underinsured or uninsured accidents could overcome barriers to compensation. This coverage exists for many reasons, and you pay for it. Legal support could improve your ability to collect a settlement after exhausting other sources of coverage.

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Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney | Lach Injury LawUninsured and Underinsured Scenarios

If you have been involved in a crash where insurance was lacking or insufficient, a Las Vegas underinsured/uninsured coverage lawyer could explain your options. Uninsured coverage provides a source of compensation when the responsible driver failed to have an auto policy in effect. Injury victims in that situation do not have the option of filing a third-party insurance claim. They must look to their own auto policies. 

Similarly, hit-and-run accidents, including pedestrian accidents, leave the victims without recourse except for their insurance. However, policy restrictions can complicate this because the insurer may require that the victim report the accident to police immediately to qualify. Some policies do not pay for hit-and-run accidents.

In cases involving underinsurance, the responsible driver had insurance, but coverage was too low to pay for all damages. Car accident expenses can easily exceed the coverage amounts on a policy, especially one that only meets the minimum coverage requirements. Once again, you could pursue payment from your policy. Underinsurance coverage is part of uninsured coverage.

Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney | Lach Injury LawNevada Auto Insurance Requirements

By default, auto insurance policies should include uninsured/underinsured coverage. You need to sign a waiver stating that you refuse this coverage specifically. If you did not sign such a waiver, then your policy should provide this coverage. 

Uninsured Drivers

 You have the option of using a responsible driver who does not have insurance. The law would be on your side, but uninsured drivers rarely have any ability to pay your medical bills. Realistically, you will have to rely on your own insurance. However, if you suspect that a negligent uninsured driver has assets, you may wish to explore legal options by consulting a lawyer. 

Underinsured Drivers

 When the insurance policy for the at-fault driver cannot meet your injury or property damage expenses, you may turn to your insurance. To accomplish this, you will likely encounter several bureaucratic demands from your insurer. An underinsured coverage attorney in Las Vegas could navigate this process for you. You will need documentation showing that you have exhausted the third party’s available coverage. Additionally, you must show that you have remaining unpaid expenses legitimately related to the accident. 

 You pay good money for insurance protection for precisely these kinds of unfortunate situations. At Lach Injury Law, you can meet with an underinsured coverage attorney in Las Vegas. To collect the compensation that you deserve, call our office today.

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