Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies have transformed the transportation sector. Drivers and passengers now use a mobile rideshare application instead of calling a taxi company. The drivers, however, are independent of the large corporations running the app. This situation creates a complex insurance patchwork that can leave accident victims struggling to get straight answers about who will pay for injury expenses. An Uber accident lawyer in Las Vegas can untangle these issues and build a well-documented accident claim with the responsible insurer. 

Factors Influencing Ride Share Accident Insurance Coverage

 A rideshare accident attorney in Las Vegas has experience with the multi-layered insurance system that applies when people drive or travel with Uber or Lyft. The first variable that your Uber or Lyft accident lawyer in Las Vegas will investigate is who is at fault. When a third-party driver in another vehicle causes the crash, that person’s auto insurance policy applies. However, an uninsured or underinsured driver could shift financial liability onto the rideshare company’s insurance. 

 If the rideshare driver was at fault, then whether or not that person was logged into the Uber or Lyft app enters the equation. You may have a viable claim against the rideshare company’s insurance when an at-fault rideshare driver was logged into the app and waiting for a job, going to a job, or transporting a passenger. Alternatively, an at-fault driver NOT logged into an app will have to rely on personal auto insurance to cover the accident.

 As you can imagine, these scenarios could tempt insurers to try to shift liability to another party’s policy. The result for you will be the proverbial runaround. An Uber accident lawyer in Las Vegas can organize evidence and pin down which company should pay damages.

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Learn What Insurance Applies to Your Case

When you meet with a rideshare accident attorney in Las Vegas at Lach Injury Law, the attorney looks at all influential factors. Your injury claim may go through a personal auto policy, the rideshare company, or both.

 Nevada law designates Uber and Lyft as Transportation Network Companies. This obligates them to provide insurance coverage. Accidents that occur when drivers are on their way to collect a passenger or transporting a passenger could activate up to $1.5 million for bodily injury or death in TNC-provided coverage. A driver only logged in but awaiting a job could have access to coverage totaling $50,000 per person or $100,000 per accident.

 However, large rideshare companies may strongly oppose insurance claims. To counteract this, an attorney could organize evidence that illustrates your need and makes it difficult for an insurer to deny a claim. 

 Legal services include:

  • Preparation of insurance paperwork
  • Communication with insurers
  • Challenges to low-ball settlement offers
  • Improved access to medical care

 A Lyft accident lawyer in Las Vegas can help people unable to pay for immediate medical care. At times, a letter of protection written by an attorney convinces medical providers to wait for payment while your settlement is negotiated or litigated. 

 Don’t assume that you can sort through the details on your own after a rideshare accident. You are facing a system meant to deflect liability as often as possible. Talk to a rideshare accident attorney in Las Vegas right away. We will protect your rights. Call our office today.


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