A vicious or agitated dog can inflict a painful bite wound. Even small dogs can leave facial scars that follow a child for life. When a dog attacks, an animal owner could be financially liable for your injuries. A Las Vegas dog bite attorney can evaluate your case and explain your legal options. 

 Dog owners may bear financial responsibility when they:

  • Violate local animal ordinances
  • Fail to exercise reasonable care with their animals

 You owe it to yourself to talk to a dog bite lawyer in Las Vegas about what happened. The expenses that resulted from the attack may be recoverable. At times, renter’s or homeowner’s insurance will cover some or all of your damages. 

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When Are Dog Owners Negligent?

Local laws largely apply to dog bite cases in Nevada. Las Vegas and many other municipalities have enacted ordinances that require dog owners to keep their pets on leashes in public and have them properly contained by a fence at home. A Las Vegas dog bite lawyer can explain how local ordinances influence your ability to prove negligence. 

Negligence is the legal standard used to authorize the payment of a dog bite victim’s damages. A dog owner’s actions might amount to negligence if that person did not supervise a dog around children or let the dog run loose in public. Someone who did not follow local ordinances about restraining dogs could be viewed as automatically negligent, known in the legal world as “per se negligence.”

Vicious Dogs Known to Be Dangerous

 Within Las Vegas, the “one bite” rule creates liability for dangerous dogs. This means that an animal known to have bitten or threatened a person in the past can be labeled vicious or dangerous. Once an attack is recorded, the owner has a social responsibility to restrain the dog from harming others. A second attack will very likely impose liability on the dog owner.

Dog Attack Injuries

Dogs bite children more often than adults. Due to their shorter stature, children get injured most often in the head and neck by dogs. Victims of all ages frequently suffer injuries to their arms and legs. Right hands get hurt most often as people struggle to fend off an attack. 

 Typical dog bite injuries include:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Deep cuts
  • Tearing of flesh
  • Crush injuries

 Infections represent another risk beyond the initial trauma. When infections occur, the cost of treatment and recovery time both increase. A dog bites attorney in Las Vegas could investigate the total value of your claim.

Compassionate Legal Representation

 Dog or animal attacks traumatize people, especially children. On top of the emotional shock, you may lose income and face ongoing medical expenses for reconstructive surgery or physical rehabilitation. 

 At Lach Injury Law, we are prepared to answer your questions. A Las Vegas dog bite attorney can sort through issues like insurance coverage, medical documentation, local laws, and the dog’s prior history. To uncover evidence of negligence, talk to us right away. A statute of limitations is in effect on dog bite cases. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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