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Considering the size, speed, and sheer number of vehicles on the road, the fact that most people complete their trips safely is close to miraculous. However, when things do go wrong, the costs can be tremendous. In Nevada, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calculated that fatal accidents produced damages of $356,000,000 in a single year. Far more people survive but suffer injuries that range from inconvenient to catastrophic. Many of them work with a car accident attorney to sort out details about fault and financial damages. Strange things can happen during motor vehicle accidents that leave many questions, but most crashes fit into these categories.

1. Head-On Collisions
Although all crashes have the potential to be deadly, this is the most dangerous type of car crash. A head-on crash occurs when two vehicles traveling in opposite directions hit each other straight on, and the forward momentum of both vehicles multiplies the forces of the impact.

The causes of these crashes are:

  • Driving the wrong way on a freeway
  • Swerving to miss an object and then crossing the centerline
  • Drifting across the center lane

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Many head-on collisions happen because of:

  • Driver fatigue and drowsiness
  • Intoxication
  • Distraction

Survivors usually have serious injuries that can alter the course of their lives such as facial scarring, paralysis, broken bones, or brain damage. Due to the ongoing cost of rehabilitation and lost income, a victim may want an accident attorney to evaluate the case. The need for the responsible party to pay a high settlement can trigger disputes about fault and the severity of injuries. Legal representation is critical in this situation.

2. Rear-End Collisions

This type of accident is very common because cars closely follow each other. Although injuries can be less severe, rear-end collisions do produce a wide range of injuries.

Whiplash is likely in a rear-end collision because of the unexpected blow from behind that flings the head forward and backward on the neck. Although you can recover from whiplash, the injury is painful, and the recovery period may be long.

Broken bones or back injuries are quite possible as well. These conditions keep people away from work because of the need for extensive medical care and rehabilitation.

3. Side-Impact Collisions

A vehicle that hits the side of another vehicle straight on can be a hazardous situation. This scenario is also known as a T-bone accident because the connecting vehicles form a T. The structure of a vehicle is not as suited to absorbing an impact on the side as it is from the front or rear, and the sides could crumple and crush a driver or passenger.

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Broken glass can cause deep lacerations that leave scars. Traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord damage are not infrequent. Crush injuries that break bones and harm internal organs are common. Pain can leave a victim unable to manage the insurance claim effectively, but a Las Vegas personal injury attorney can attend to the accident investigation and insurance negotiations.

Side-impact crashes normally happen at intersections when a car pulls out into traffic when it should not. They are the most devastating when the striking vehicle is going at full speed due to a failure to stop at a traffic signal or stop sign.

4. Sideswipe Accidents
This is the term for an accident involving two vehicles traveling parallel to each other that impact their sides. Failing to check a blindspot while changing lanes or merging accidents are among the most common causes for sideswipes.

Determining fault might get tricky because of questions about who made the error. Did a driver not look before changing lanes? Or did the driver look but another vehicle with an inattentive driver merged into the same position? Uncertainty like this highlights the importance of not admitting fault at an accident scene. An investigation spearheaded by an accident lawyer might establish the facts about fault.

These accidents cause a variety of minor and major injuries. They are most hazardous if the sideswipe forces the vehicle into other vehicles and causes a multi-vehicle accident.

5. Multi-Vehicle Accidents
These frightening crashes tend to make the news because they snarl highways and cause many injuries. Any type of injury is possible in these chaotic pile-ups. Post-traumatic stress is not unusual among victims of multi-vehicle crashes due to the feelings of helplessness and terror accompanying being trapped between vehicles.

The assistance of a car accident attorney could be essential because these are complicated events that involve multiple drivers and insurance policies. Figuring who is at fault might require an assessment by crash specialists and even the inspection of cell phone records when distraction is suspected.

6. Low-Speed Accidents

car accident attorney

People might think of these as “oopsies” or “fender benders”, but they can be harmful all the same. People could hit their head or suffer whiplash, and they often happen in parking lots or traffic jams.

7. Merging Accidents

car accident attorney

Entering the flow of traffic on the freeway is a vulnerable time for any driver. An aggressive driver on the freeway might resist letting someone in and cause a crash. Even in the absence of a reckless driver, any number of things could go wrong and cause sideswipe or rear-end accidents. The high speeds on the freeway make these incidents very perilous, and victims are often left with burdensome medical expenses.

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