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Ride-sharing accidents involve vehicles operated by people driving for Uber or Lyft. The business arrangement between ride-share services, known as transportation network companies in Nevada, and drivers complicates the liability and insurance picture. Nevada personal injury attorneys untangle these issues that could keep you from getting the accident settlement that you rightly deserve.

Is $1 Million in Coverage Available?

People who book rides on Uber or Lyft will see that ride-sharing companies each have a $1 million commercial liability policy. Passengers paying for ride-sharing services typically have access to this coverage should they be hurt during their ride.

However, not every accident involves just a ride-sharing customer. People in another vehicle or a pedestrian can get hit by an Uber or Lyft driver. Additionally, a ride-share driver can get hurt.

In the above scenarios, the insurance that applies to an accident depends on who is at fault. Nevada personal injury law requires the responsible person to pay for victims’ damages as an at-fault state.

Questions about fault and whose insurance policy will pay are normal in ride-share accidents. Figuring out the insurance equation is a primary part of what an Uber accident attorney does.

Identify Insurance Policies That Cover You
The first thing a Nevada injury lawyer sorts out after a collision with a ride-share vehicle is the driver’s duty status at the time of the crash.

An Uber or Lyft driver has three duty statuses:

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Not working as a ride-share driver – In other words, the vehicle is engaged in personal use. The driver’s personal automobile insurance applies to the accident, not Uber or Lyft.

Ride-share driver awaiting customer – The ride-share driver is logged into Uber or Lyft and available to take ride requests. Because the driver does not yet have a customer, the personal insurance coverage remains in effect. Still, Uber or Lyft insurance could pay for damages in excess of the driver’s individual policy.

Active ride request through the end of the trip – The ride-share driver is entirely on duty upon accepting a ride request and dropping the customer at the destination. Uber’s or Lyft’s commercial policy with coverage of $1 million per person up to $2 million for multiple passengers is now the primary insurance.

On top of pinning down the duty status and active insurance policy for the ride-share vehicle, Nevada personal injury attorneys will investigate all parties that could be responsible for the accident.

Possible sources of liability in a ride-share accident:

  • Ride-share driver
  • Ridge-share company
  • A driver in another vehicle
  • Government agency responsible for road maintenance and signage
  • Vehicle or parts manufacturer
  • Mechanic

An injury lawyer in Nevada can prepare a claim against the insurers for any entities that bear responsibility.

Manage Claims Against Multiple Parties
A ride-share accident has a good chance that you will have to make a claim on more than one insurance policy. For example, if a ride-share driver hits you while logged into the app and awaiting a customer, you might exhaust the coverage of that driver’s personal policy if your damages are high. In that case, a car accident lawyer in Nevada would see if the Uber or Lyft policy could make up the difference.

In some cases, multiple insurance companies cooperate in the process of working out what each one is obligated to pay. However, not every situation unfolds neatly, and the insurers might raise questions about who was at fault.

Disputes about fault, especially if you are being cast as partially at fault, can make you vulnerable to a reduced settlement. To protect you from an unfair assignment of blame, a Nevada injury lawyer will challenge any unreasonable or undocumented accusations that could cut into the compensation you need.

Investigate Questions Related to Fault

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Nevada personal injury attorneys typically investigate their clients’ accidents so that they can negotiate or litigate an accident case accurately. Some investigations require extensive work, including consultations with experts. This is especially necessary if you’re the victim of a manufacturer’s defect or the testimony of accident witnesses is unclear or conflicted.

The ability to handle an in-depth investigation represents one of the most important services a law firm can provide. The pain and distress of your injuries already make daily life difficult. For most accident victims, taking on the job of accident investigator could prove too burdensome. With the resources of a law firm serving you, crucial facts that support your right to compensation may be discovered that would otherwise remain unknown.

Account for All Financial Damages
In the early weeks after you get hurt, it can be hard to tell the total cost of your injuries. An injury lawyer in Nevada will call for patience if an insurer appears to be rushing you to accept an offer. You and your doctors and physical therapists could need more time to determine how long your rehabilitation will take or if you’ll return to your previous physical capacity.

Without legal advice, you also may not realize how many different expenses you might qualify to claim.

Potential economic damages include:

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  • All medical bills related to your accident
  • Future medical expenses
  • Future lost income
  • Cost of transportation to medical appointments
  • Cost of additional daycare for dependents due to your injury
  • Medical equipment

Your lawyer will know how to calculate your noneconomic losses, should you have any. These are damages that are difficult to quantify, such as pain and suffering or disfigurement.

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