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Most people are concerned about paying their bills during the best times. After a bad accident, a person’s financial stress could skyrocket. For this reason, every injury lawyer in Nevada gets asked how long it will take to get the settlement check.

Honestly, there is no single answer because everyone’s accident claim has unique characteristics. However, the average time span is three to six months, and complex cases could potentially take two or more years. Despite the need for compensation, it’s important for you to keep in mind that patience could pay off. A car accident lawyer in Nevada will not rush the process, and months may be needed to calculate your total damages.

Severe Injuries and Case Complexity Add to Waiting Time

nevada personal injury

You can expect to wait longer for a settlement if your injuries are severe. Time is needed to complete treatment and determine what your medical expenses will ultimately be. Weeks or months may pass as you receive treatments. For example, some injuries require multiple surgeries.

On top of medical treatment, physicians also need time to assess your recovery. Medical opinions are needed to answer questions about future disabilities that could impact your ability to work.

Your injury lawyer in Nevada will be waiting for your healthcare providers to document that you have reached the point of maximum medical improvement. At that point, you and your physicians can determine whether you have fully recovered, can expect to fully recover, or will have lifelong consequences. Medical providers can conclude your treatments and prepare a rehabilitation plan if needed.

In other words, when you’ve reached the point of maximum medical improvement, your current and future expenses can be established, and your Nevada personal injury claim can move forward with an accurate value for your damages.

A personal injury claim may also be complex for reasons other than ongoing medical care. Who bears responsibility for payment of accident damages depends on who is at fault and determining fault is a common source of disputes.

To defend your claim, you will need to produce evidence that points to the other party’s negligence. The unexpected or chaotic events that lead to an accident may leave behind evidence that is open to interpretation. If you need a large settlement, the insurer will be motivated to exploit any uncertainty about the fault in an effort to deny or devalue your claim.

These disputes can drag on for months, especially if a large, deep-pocketed corporation is responsible for your accident. Defective product cases could take a long time to settle because you are up against a manufacturer that could be a massive multinational company.

Steps for Completing an Out-of-Court Settlement

nevada personal injury

The majority of Nevada personal injury claims reach a settlement out of court in under two years. Upon approaching the two-year point without a settlement, an injured person must decide if a lawsuit will be filed. The possibility of going to court could sway an insurer to settle the claim to your satisfaction.
For the most part, negotiations between an insurance adjuster and a car accident lawyer in Nevada produce a settlement within policy limits. Even if your claim produces no significant disputes, months are needed to:

  • Investigate the accident
  • Obtain medical records and bills
  • Tally other damages, like lost income
  • Send a demand letter with the insurance claim
  • Conduct negotiations
  • Collect compensation and pay bills
  • Steps for Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

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Nevada personal injury law has established a two-year statute of limitations for most accident cases. If negotiations with your insurer have stalled, a lawsuit is your next option. You need to make a decision about filing before the two-year deadline. Otherwise, you forfeit the chance to go to court.
Filing a lawsuit will add months or years to the process. Collecting compensation will depend on a jury granting you a favorable verdict. The possibility exists that a settlement will come before the trial starts because filing a lawsuit could restart negotiations.

A lawsuit takes a long time because weeks or months may pass between when the court can schedule various hearings and the trial. Additionally, many steps must be completed before even launching a trial, such as:

  • Summons and complaints to inform the opposing party about the lawsuit
  • Subpoenas to call witnesses to court or collect documents
  • Discovery in which both sides exchange and examine evidence
  • Jury selection

Once a trial begins, it could take hours or days, depending on the amount of evidence and the time the jury deliberates. If the jury decides in your favor, then the court issues a judgment ordering the defendant to pay your damages. However, your opposition may find a reason to appeal the decision, and an appeal would add more time.

Legal Help With Nevada Personal Injury
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nevada personal injury

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