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Motorcycle accidents often produce serious injuries due to your physical body’s exposure on the bike. Severe injuries can mean significant financial damages. You and your motorcycle accident attorney will need to present a well-documented insurance claim or lawsuit to give yourself the best chance of collecting adequate compensation.

Comply With Motorcycle Laws Every Time You Ride

motorcycle accident attorney

Nevada is an at-fault state that places liability for a motor vehicle accident on the person or entity that caused the crash. Following Nevada motorcycle laws is the first step to building a strong claim for damages.

As a motorcyclist in Nevada, you must:

  • Wear a helmet that meets DOT standards
  • Never split lanes (This is illegal in Nevada)
  • Properly equip your motorcycle with lights, mirrors, handlebars, etc.
  • Maintain adequate motorcycle insurance
  • Do not ride while intoxicated

Law-abiding bikers are much less vulnerable to accusations of recklessness should an accident occur. In fact, attempts to shift blame to an accident victim are a top tactic for defending against damage claims. When you comply with motorcycle laws, an accident attorney in Las Vegas can keep the focus on what caused your accident.

What to Do at the Accident Scene

motorcycle accident attorney

1. Call 911
You need the police to respond to your crash. Law enforcement will assess the facts at the site of the crash and prepare a report. The report will include the contact information for those involved, along with the officer’s determination about what happened and who was at fault.

The officer may even issue a citation for a traffic violation or detect intoxication. If that occurs, it will provide the necessary evidence to enable you and your personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas to argue per se negligence against the responsible party. Per se negligence is sometimes easier to prove because it is based on concrete evidence of a legal violation.

Unfortunately, some motorcycle accidents leave victims unable to call 911. In that case, the severity of the accident will likely summon first responders anyway. A Las Vegas personal injury attorney could track down the police report and send an investigator to collect crash scene evidence.

2. Do Not Say That You Are Not Injured
Even if you seem only to have some minor bumps and scrapes, you might not know your true condition in the moments following a motorcycle crash. Shock could be blocking pain, or a head injury may disorient you. Many injuries do not reveal themselves for hours or even days. If asked by anyone if you are hurt, say something like, “I don’t know and need to see a doctor.”

3. Do Not Admit to Fault
Even if you think you made a mistake, it might not be the sole cause of the accident. An accident lawyer in Las Vegas will help to make that determination after evaluating the evidence. Any statements of fault will weaken your case for collecting compensation.

4. Exchange Information
If you are able, exchange your contact and insurance information with the other party (or parties) involved. If hit by a commercial vehicle, get information about the employer. Additionally, collect contact information and statements from witnesses if possible.

5. Take Pictures
Photographic evidence is very valuable for piecing back together what happened. Collect images of vehicle damage, road signs, and road conditions.

Get Medical Treatment
As already mentioned, you could have potentially serious injuries even if they are not immediately apparent. A medical exam at an urgent care clinic or hospital emergency department initiates documentation of your injuries. Be sure that the medical workers note in your records that you have just had a motorcycle accident.

Follow the treatment plan prescribed by the physician and attend follow-up appointments. Your compliance with medical orders strengthens your case.

Consult a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

motorcycle accident attorney

A motorcycle accident is, of course, very disruptive and overwhelming. The sudden disarray in your life makes legal advice more important than ever, as you are about to initiate an insurance claim or possibly file a lawsuit. What occurs in the early stages of the process can have a significant impact on the final result.

Alert both your and the other party’s insurer immediately regarding the accident. An accident lawyer in Las Vegas will counsel you on handling these conversations or even taking care of them for you.

Document All Direct and Indirect Accident Expenses
An insurance claim or lawsuit relies primarily on receipts to calculate your financial losses. You or a family member must keep copies of all expenses.

Some are direct expenses from the accident, such as:

  • Hospital bills
  • Pharmacy receipts
  • Physical therapy
  • Medical equipment
  • Lost income

Also, keep records of indirect expenses, such as:

  • Hiring a babysitter because you can’t provide childcare
  • Hiring a handyperson because you can’t do household chores

Keep a Journal About Your Recovery
Writing or recording a daily journal is a way to keep track of your pain and emotional trauma. Your journal will aid the process of arguing for compensation for pain and suffering, should that be a viable concern.

Stay Off Social Media
Your first instinct might be to let your friends know about the accident on social media. Additionally, as you are stuck in a hospital or at home recuperating, you may want to turn to social media for connection during your isolation.

Avoid this. Investigators for the responsible party will look at your social media for evidence to use against you. This could be statements or pictures showing noncompliance with motorcycle laws or evidence that you are not as hurt as you claim.

Work With a Compassionate Accident Attorney in Las Vegas
You will find a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas dedicated to accident victims at Lach Injury Law. Darren J. Lach understands how your physical pain makes dealing with insurance bureaucracies and the courts difficult. Call 702.505.4758 for immediate assistance.

personal injury lawyer in las vegas

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