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Las Vegas exists to entertain tourists, but the crowds create high risks for pedestrians. Both drivers and people on foot may be unfamiliar with their surroundings and distracted by the attractions, and the situation ends badly for too many people. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 20.4% of traffic deaths in Nevada were pedestrians in 2019. To avoid death and injury, drivers and pedestrians need to know their responsibilities. Compliance with the rules aids a victim’s chances of recovering damages when supported by a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas.

Nevada Pedestrian Laws
The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles makes it clear that both drivers and pedestrians are obligated to follow the law. An insurance claim or lawsuit concerning a pedestrian accident will cause the behaviors of both parties to be scrutinized by injury lawyers in Las Vegas representing such cases.

Nevada Revised Statutes require drivers to:

  • Exercise due care to avoid striking pedestrians
  • Yield to pedestrians at crosswalks
  • Always yield to the blind using canes or service animals
  • Stop or slow down if passing a stopped vehicle in the case that vehicle stopped for a pedestrian
  • Wait for school crossing guards and students to exit the roadway

Nevada Revised Statutes require pedestrians to:

  • Use sidewalks when present
  • Walk on the left side of the street facing traffic in the absence of sidewalks
  • Use nearest crosswalks
  • Obey traffic control devices and signals

Never abruptly walk into the path of a vehicle when the vehicle cannot possibly yield
Never cross intersections diagonally unless specifically marked by a diagonal crosswalk

An injured pedestrian seeking compensation might have concerns about Nevada’s comparative negligence law. This law reduces settlements if people are partially responsible for their accidents. Pedestrian accidents are vulnerable to this because both a driver and pedestrian could make mistakes at the same time. Representation by an accident attorney in Las Vegas might insulate a victim from accusations of causing or contributing to an accident.

Pedestrian Safety Tips
Compliance with the rules for pedestrians goes a long way toward keeping you safe when you walk around the city. This primarily means staying on sidewalks and using crosswalks. However, many pedestrians suffer serious injuries through no fault of their own.

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The truth is that you are exposed on the street, but you can help drivers see and avoid you by:

  • Watching traffic vigilantly
  • Take your time when distracted by your surroundings
  • Wearing a reflective vest after dark
  • Carrying a flashlight after dark
  • Making eye contact with drivers when entering the crosswalk
  • Staying out of drivers’ blind spots

Top Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

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This applies to both drivers and pedestrians. Drivers may be texting or looking at a vehicle’s navigation system and not see a pedestrian. Other driver distractions include taking a phone call, interacting with a passenger, and eating.

Similarly, pedestrians could be looking at their phones and miss traffic and crosswalk signals or walk in front of a moving car. People on foot often listen to music or podcasts with earbuds that block out surrounding noises, and they do not hear approaching traffic and walk in front of it.

Driving over the speed limit greatly contributes to all kinds of accidents. A pedestrian can misjudge how quickly a vehicle is approaching when speeding and driving too fast also limits a driver’s ability to respond to unexpected events and avoid collisions. Unfortunately, speeding exacerbates injuries for pedestrians due to the greater force of impact and the possibility of being dragged under a vehicle.

Once again, using alcohol or drugs can impair both drivers and pedestrians. Intoxicated drivers have slower reaction times and a reduced ability to see and respond to road signs, traffic signals, and moving objects.

When pedestrians are intoxicated, they are less attentive to their surroundings. They also lack the ability to judge traffic flow or notice traffic signals, and they have a greater tendency to walk in front of cars.

Government Efforts to Improve Pedestrian Safety
Officials in tourist areas recognize threats to pedestrians and are actively taking steps to reduce hazards. For example, a pedestrian safety project for the Boulder Highway and other busy Las Vegas roadways focuses on helping drivers and pedestrians avoid accidents.

Strategies being used include:

  • More pedestrian lighting
  • Overhead flashing lights to warn drivers of pedestrian activity
  • Danish-offset median islands
  • Painted crosswalks

Know Your Rights As a Pedestrian Accident Victim
If you are suffering in the aftermath of a pedestrian accident, you likely need compensation for medical bills, pain, suffering, and lost income. You can schedule a free consultation with a Las Vegas personal injury attorney at Lach Injury Law. Darren J. Lach works to secure the highest possible settlement for clients. An accident attorney in Las Vegas could even the playing field between you and an insurance company hoping to deflect liability for a policy holder’s reckless behavior. Do not risk speaking to an insurer without legal advice. Contact our office today.

accident attorney las vegas

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