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Injury attorneys in Nevada increase accident settlements by taking the time to understand fully all damages experienced by their clients. This task involves patience as your medical providers evaluate your recovery process. The long-term effects of brain injuries are of special concern in Nevada personal injury cases. People who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) face a high risk of ongoing costs and reduced quality of life. If you or a family member is in this situation, do not accept a settlement offer without a legal assessment of your future medical and financial needs.

Risks of Long-Term Effects

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TBI comes with a heightened risk of chronic reductions in cognitive, physical, or emotional functions.

According to “Traumatic Brain Injury: A Roadmap for Accelerating Progress,” many people with moderate to severe TBI experience evolving symptoms over the course of their lives. Researchers found that 24% of people with TBI suffered a decline in cognitive abilities one to five years after their accidents.

Many individuals with TBI hit a plateau in their recoveries that persist for years. A medically stable status, however, could unravel at some point. The conditions of roughly one-third of people with stable symptoms worsened as the years went by.

A car accident lawyer in Nevada will emphasize your future needs while negotiating an insurance settlement or arguing your case in court. A law office may call upon medical experts. Their testimony could counteract disputes about your medical status or care requirements.

Rehabilitation Therapies After TBI

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Nevada personal injury laws allow you to collect compensation for your accident damages if you are the victim of negligence. After TBI, your medical expenses could extend far beyond the date of your accident. You can expect to need various rehabilitation services.

As you cope with TBI, you may need one or more of these rehabilitation therapies:

  • Psychological – Trauma to your brain can alter your emotional state.
  • Cognitive – You may need help to rebuild skills related to memory, attention span, and thinking abilities.
  • Speech – Brain injury often disrupts speech systems.
  • Physical – You may need to redevelop your motor skills.
  • Occupational – You could need targeted support to resume daily activities, like dressing or participating in social settings.
  • Vocational – Sometimes, a brain injury means you have to retrain for a new work role.

You might need to attend therapy appointments for months or years, depending on the severity of your condition. A car accident lawyer in Nevada with expertise in brain injuries will communicate the importance of compensation for these services. Missing out on payment for rehabilitation could deprive you of long-lasting physical and mental improvements.

Ongoing Expenses

In serious cases, people with TBI need compensation for more than rehabilitation services. If your brain injuries have inflicted permanent disability, you would want an accident settlement that pays for a home health aide. In-home support services for eating, dressing, and bathing alleviate stress on family caregivers.

Even if you do not suffer this level of disability, compromised brain function can prevent a return to work. You might never earn income at the same level as before the accident. Injury attorneys in Nevada can look at your previous earnings and calculate what a lifetime of lost future earnings would amount to.

Quality of Life

Many brain injuries reduce people’s quality of life. Physical or mental disabilities create challenges every day. Memory problems or debilitating headaches are common issues among TBI patients that interfere with routine activities, like caring for children or keeping track of household bills.

Emotional changes can occur among people with TBI that alter relationships with family and friends. Mood swings, personality shifts, and depression frequently trouble people with TBI.
These problems not only upset you, but they can strain your closest relationships. A family member who takes care of you will experience persistent stress. You might never be able to provide emotional support and guidance to your children to the same extent as before your accident.

The laws about Nevada personal injury let you take into account these factors that contribute to your pain and suffering.

Calculation of Accident Settlement After TBI

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In the immediate aftermath of your accident, you may not realize how large of a financial toll your TBI will take on your life. However, an insurance company representing the person responsible for your suffering may be quick to put a figure on your losses. The responsible party will want to settle the matter quickly before you realize your financial losses’ full extent.

Injury attorneys in Nevada recognize that a brain injury case cannot be settled without comprehensively analyzing the lifelong consequences. A car accident lawyer in Nevada knows how to document the tangible and intangible costs associated with a brain injury.

Legal Support for Nevada Personal Injury Cases

Lach Injury Law practices solely in Nevada personal injury law on behalf of people hurt or killed in accidents. Your best interests depend on a detailed medical and financial review of the long-term impacts of your brain injury.

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