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Nevada personal injury attorneys level the playing field for accident victims up against insurers or other large companies. The big company responsible for paying your accident damages will use every legal advantage it can find to reduce your settlement or deny you altogether.

When you enlist the help of someone equally knowledgeable of Nevada personal injury law, you get a complete picture of your rights. You won’t have to trust what an insurer tells you or make decisions in the dark. In this way, an attorney positions you to collect a settlement that reflects your financial losses and suffering.

Develop the Legal Basis for Your Claim
When you think about what injury attorneys in Nevada do, you may imagine them making powerful presentations in court. This is, in fact, possible, but the role of your attorney includes numerous jobs and responsibilities before a case ever goes to trial, if it goes to court at all.

Foremost among an attorney’s duties is citing a valid legal argument that will convince an insurer that it must pay your claim. For accidents, negligence is the usual legal argument. Under Nevada personal injury law, a person or organization that owes you a duty to act safely has to pay for damages when mistakes or shortcomings cause injury and/or property damage.

Analyze Insurance Coverage

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Insurance policies provide the bulk of money for accident settlements. When Nevada personal injury attorneys evaluate cases, they look for:
Insurance policies that cover the accident
Coverage limits on the policies

You may need this service if you’re uncertain who should pay your damages. For example, an automobile wreck caused by a defective auto part would involve a manufacturer’s insurance. You won’t have ready access to that policy’s information, but an attorney could track it down for you.

Investigate and Gather Evidence
Everything about settling your accident claim revolves around evidence. When you have an attorney, the team at the law office can gather evidence to support your claim.

This work is often too burdensome for injured people to complete successfully. However, an attorney will:

  • Send preservation of evidence letters
  • Take pictures of the accident scene and damage
  • Interview witnesses
  • Consult experts
  • Access and organize medical records

Calculate Your Financial Damages
An important part of what injury attorneys in Nevada do is figure out the total value of your accident. You get to lean on your attorney’s knowledge of what expenses can be claimed. These may be more than you realize because Nevada personal injury law recognizes many losses, including:

  • Lost income and benefits
  • Medical bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Certain costs to family members impacted by your injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages, if applicable

Your attorney will prepare an accounting of your expenses and collect statements from healthcare providers regarding the future expenses you can expect if any. This detailed accounting of your losses could be used to counteract an insurer that pushes back on certain costs.

On top of valuing your claim accurately, your lawyer can help manage the financial hardships you may be experiencing. A law office can communicate to collectors that you’re in the middle of negotiating a settlement and money will be forthcoming eventually. If your financial pressure interferes with your ability to access medical care, then your attorney can smooth things over with medical providers while you await payment.

Meet Deadlines for Insurance or Court Filings

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Being badly hurt in an accident can overwhelm you. Time slips by. An attorney’s job is to ensure you don’t miss your opportunity to file a lawsuit if a settlement can’t be reached outside of court.

Your attorney can reply to inquiries from the insurer in a timely manner. This effort might prevent delays and give you ample time to make important decisions about going to court if that looks necessary.

Negotiate Your Settlement
Your attorney can enter into negotiations with an insurer from a position of strength. Thorough documentation of evidence and medical records could paint a clear picture of negligence and your right to compensation.

If you were on your own during negotiations, financial hardship and the distraction of injuries could make you vulnerable. With an attorney, you insulate yourself from an insurer’s manipulations meant to convince you to accept a low offer.

Defend You From Unfair Assignment of Fault
Sometimes, both sides are to blame for an accident. In Nevada, as long as you are not 50% or more responsible for the accident, you have a right to collect a proportionate amount of damages. This is known as modified comparative fault.

Although modified comparative fault is a fair legal principle, it does introduce a way for an insurer to attack your claim. If it looks like you are partially at fault, an insurer may argue that you are more than 50% responsible as a way to get out of paying you anything.

Your lawyer will work hard to defeat arguments that shift blame when evidence supports your right to compensation.

Go to Court When Necessary

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When a settlement cannot be reached, your attorney will let you know your chances of succeeding with a lawsuit. If your case goes to court, your attorney will manage:

  • All court filings
  • Exchange of evidence
  • Hearings
  • Subpoenas
  • Jury selection
  • Witness examination and cross-examination
  • Opening and closing arguments
  • Know Where You Stand With Nevada Personal Injury Law

Many accidents easily cost people tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the worst ones produce damages in the millions. Nevada personal injury attorneys provide the counseling and advice people need to overcome the barriers that stand between them and an appropriate settlement.

With the high stakes, you deserve a detailed analysis of your case by a highly acclaimed accident lawyer. At Lach Injury Law, we only work for accident victims and have the experience to fight big companies. For a free consultation, contact us right now.

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