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Vehicle crashes are chaotic events. The powerful forces unleashed by a collision inflict injuries that can cause short-term or long-term suffering. Car accident victims in Nevada suffer physically, emotionally, and financially. A January 2022 report from KTNV estimated that motor vehicle accidents in Nevada produced annual economic damages of $1.98 billion. Many victims can use personal injury law to collect compensation for injuries. They often do so with the help of a Las Vegas injury lawyer. Here are the most common types of car accident injuries. 

  1. Whiplash and Other Neck Injuries

 Whiplash is an injury strongly associated with car accidents. The impact of two vehicles, even at low speeds, can cause your head to swing back and forth rapidly. This swift and unnatural motion damages muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the neck. Cervical dislocation and other vertebral disc injuries are possible as well. Neck injuries are harrowing. Treatments might range from rest and activity restriction to surgery in extreme cases. 

car accident lawyer las vegas

  1. Back Injuries

 Your entire spine, vertebral column, and back muscles are vulnerable to the extreme forces released in a motor vehicle crash. Herniated discs or strained back muscles cause terrible pain. You will need rest and probably physical therapy. Surgery could be necessary. The pain of back injuries can sometimes take hours or days to flare up. Delayed onset of symptoms can complicate your insurance claim. An insurer might see an opportunity to say that the crash was not the cause. For this reason, a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas will advise you to seek a medical assessment as soon as possible after any collision. This action creates medical documentation that is directly associated with the accident. 


  1. Burns

 Fires are not uncommon in a bad car accident. Even if you avoid broken bones or other injuries, burns can reduce your quality of life forever. In the short term, they are extremely painful. Disfiguring burn scars can ravage a person’s self-esteem and employment prospects. Even in the absence of disfigurement, burns require lengthy recovery times that force you to miss work. With the support of a Vegas injury attorney, you could make a full accounting of your losses and defend yourself from an insurer’s attempts to reduce your settlement. 


  1. Lacerations

 In a car accident, the sharp edges of broken metal, plastic, and glass frequently cause serious cuts. You might experience heavy bleeding and require emergency room treatment. The cuts could be disfiguring or leave you vulnerable to infection due to the penetration of foreign materials into your flesh. 

car accident lawyer las vegas

  1. Broken Bones

 A smashed car can crush vehicle occupants’ torsos, limbs, feet, and hands. Victims might suffer minor inconveniences or have to spend months in recovery. Broken ribs can puncture the lungs and require emergency surgery. Broken bone injuries are usually immediately apparent. You will know right away that you need insurance to pay for medical bills. 

 However, you should speak with a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas before discussing your claim with an insurer. Insurance companies may want to settle your claim quickly, which might seem great at first, but you might not actually know the total cost of your injuries. Broken bones need time to heal before a physician can adequately assess your recovery. A Las Vegas injury attorney will help you gain the time that you need to understand your accident expenses fully. 


  1. Soft Tissue Injuries

 Damage to soft tissue includes many minor and major injuries from bruises to torn ligaments and muscles. Knees and shoulders are very vulnerable to damage that can take a long time to heal. In some cases, soft tissue injuries result in chronic pain that can deprive you of your career or the ability to engage in beloved recreational activities. Although these injuries might not appear as serious as others on the surface, they are very common and often leave people with significant financial consequences. A Las Vegas injury lawyer could advise you on how to document your damages and prove your losses. 


  1. Traumatic Brain Injury

 Motor vehicle accidents are the top cause of brain injuries after falls and athletics. They can leave people with permanent brain damage, chronic headaches, and cognitive difficulties. Even a relatively minor concussion requires that you take time off so that your brain can heal. More severe brain injuries could rob you of the ability to work or leave you in need of lifelong care. 

car accident lawyer las vegas

  1. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

 No one should discount people’s mental scars after a bad crash. A person who goes through agony during recovery may become emotionally fragile, especially when driving again. Being in traffic could trigger enormous distress. Even car accident victims who did not endure terrible injuries can suffer from PTSD, especially after witnessing someone’s death. 

 Because PTSD does not leave you with an X-ray or surgical record to point to, you may want the help of an accident attorney in Las Vegas. An attorney is essential when you need an insurer to recognize the lingering damage left by a negligent driver. 


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