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Under Nevada law, the ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft function as transportation network companies. The ride-sharing services provide up to $1 million in liability insurance to cover damages, but those company-sponsored insurance policies do not apply to every accident. Under some circumstances, the policies held by independent contractor drivers compensate accident victims. To untangle the web of insurance policies, people hurt in crashes involving Uber or Lyft sometimes rely on Nevada personal injury attorneys.

Immediate First Steps After an Uber or Lyft Accident

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1. Call 911 and request first responders come to the accident scene.
This step nearly guarantees that local law enforcement will arrive and complete a police accident report.

2. Identify injuries.
You should quickly evaluate yourself and the other passengers and drivers for injuries. Some may be immediately apparent, but shock can delay the perception of injury. Emergency medical workers arriving at the scene can check you, apply first aid, and make the decision about taking people to a hospital.

3. Report your accident to Uber or Lyft.
You may be able to report the accident in the phone app or call a customer service number. Making the ride-share company aware of the crash as soon as possible is very important. Depending on who was at fault and the cost to you, you may need to file a claim against the ride-share company’s liability policy.

4. Exchange contact and insurance information.
Everyone needs to disclose their names and insurance information, whether you were a ride-share passenger or in a different vehicle. You or your car accident lawyer in Nevada will follow up on this information.

5. Take pictures of vehicles and accident scenes.
Your smartphone is the quickest way to collect high-value evidence. Unless your injuries prevent you, collect pictures of the vehicles, including license plates and accident location. Nevada requires ride-share drivers to display a decal for the transportation network company on their vehicles and take a picture of this as well.

6. Collect contact information from witnesses.
Anyone present at the accident scene may have pertinent information to share. Ask them to supply a name and contact number. An injury lawyer in Nevada may need their statements, especially if fault comes under dispute.

7. If you were a driver, do not admit fault.
Whether you were the ride-share driver or driving your own car when a ride-share vehicle hit you, do not make statements admitting fault. Speak truthfully but do not speculate on the cause of the accident because you may not be aware of everything that took place.

8. Try to find out the duty status of the ride-share driver.
This step applies if you were in another vehicle and crashed with a vehicle displaying a ride-share decal. Even if the driver was not transporting passengers, the driver may have been on the way to pick someone up or active on the app and awaiting an assignment. This status is essential because it can make the ride-share company’s liability insurance available to you. An Uber accident lawyer will definitely want to know this information.

9. Get a medical exam.
If the emergency medics did not take you to the hospital, seek a medical evaluation on your own as soon as possible. Go to an urgent care clinic or hospital emergency department. Inform the physician that you were in a car accident and discuss your symptoms. This action creates a medical record associated with your crash.

Getting a local medical exam quickly is important for out-of-state travelers visiting Nevada, and it provides clear proof that you experienced a crash in the state. After you go home, you may want to contact a car accident lawyer in Nevada to handle your case.

10. Follow your treatment plan.
Compliance with your medical orders demonstrates that you consider your injury serious. If you do not follow your treatment plan, an insurer might argue that you are not trying to heal or have exaggerated your injuries.

11. Keep track of all bills and receipts related to your accident.
From the day of your accident onward, collect and organize documentation about your losses. Nevada personal injury attorneys use these records to negotiate settlements.

Different Types of Ride-Share Accidents

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Insurance coverage for Uber and Lyft accidents in Nevada depends on who was at fault and whether or not the ride-share driver was working.

Ride-share drivers usually use their vehicles for personal use. If they cause a crash when NOT logged into the ride-share app, then you will make a claim upon their personal auto policy.

Once a driver activates the app and is waiting for an assignment, then victims of an accident may have access to the ride-share company’s contingent liability insurance. The driver’s personal policy still functions as your primary source of compensation. If your losses exceed that coverage, an injury lawyer in Nevada will prepare a claim against the ride-share company.

The ride-share company’s high-value $1 million liability policy becomes active during a passenger fare. This insurance applies as soon as a ride-share driver accepts an assignment until the passenger is dropped off at the destination.

Consult a Car Accident Lawyer in Nevada

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You will have many questions after getting hurt in a ride-share accident. An Uber accident lawyer has learned the ins and outs of the layers of insurance involved in ride-share accidents and can answer your questions.

You can come to Lach Injury Law for a free consultation and find out your options for collecting compensation. We also have the resources to investigate accidents when questions about what happened and who was at fault may hinder your access to a settlement. For help with your case, contact us today.
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