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You’re not alone in thinking that bad behavior on the streets and highways of Clark County is on the rise. Everyone is at a greater risk of a traffic accident, according to 2021 statistics from the Las Vegas Metro Police. The department recorded a 20.4% rise in auto accidents compared to 2020. Out of the 20,324 crashes that police responded to, 11,363 produced injuries. This reflects a jump of 26.3% compared to the prior year. In such an environment, any driver, passenger, or pedestrian could get hurt and need advice from an injury lawyer in Nevada.

Intoxication and Speeding
Many issues, from honest mistakes to outright recklessness, result in traffic accidents. Still, driving under the influence (DUI) and speeding stand out as the two most significant contributors to crashes in Nevada. Intoxicated drivers consume alcohol, drugs, or both, which impairs their judgment, decision-making, and motor skills.

To grasp the extent of the DUI problem, the metro police averaged 14 DUI arrests each day in 2021. In total, the department processed 5,250 DUI arrests that year.

People who drive way too fast are sometimes intoxicated, but sober people are frequently guilty of driving at reckless speeds. Speeding creates traffic hazards because drivers will not have enough time to stop their vehicles to avoid crashes. Other drivers might pull out into traffic thinking that an approaching vehicle is traveling at a reasonable speed. Such a situation could make the driver who pulled out appear to have failed to yield, but the speeding driver created the danger. A person injured under such circumstances may need a Nevada injury lawyer to dispute accusations of fault.

The dangers of speeding drivers in Nevada cannot be discounted. From 2019 to 2020, the number of traffic citations written to people driving 100 mph or more rose by 26%. In 2020, 4,415 drivers were busted traveling at this reckless speed. Among fatal car accidents, speeding can be blamed in one-third of cases.

Distracted Driving

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Although high numbers of people have been recorded driving intoxicated or too fast, distracted driving also causes many traffic accidents. If you are not looking at the road, you could rear-end a vehicle or drift out of your lane without realizing it.

You may be familiar with the common sources of driver distraction, which are:

  • Texting
  • Handheld cell phone use
  • Eating
  • Using a GPS device
  • Putting on makeup

On top of these usual suspects for distraction, the environment of Las Vegas is distracting. The casinos and resorts use bright flashing lights to demand attention, and tourists are especially prone to focus on the dazzling signs. Too often, this situation causes someone to miss a red light or hit a pedestrian.

The thousands of tourists on the streets on any given day are navigating unfamiliar roads, and they are looking at their phones or GPS and making traffic errors as they muddle through getting from A to B. Sometimes drivers who are lost make erratic moves that cause accidents. Although these drivers may not have meant harm, their victims still largely have the right to collect compensation. If this happened to you, a car accident lawyer in Nevada can help you understand insurance coverage and organize evidence to support your claim.

Drowsy Driving

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Las Vegas and most of Nevada have a 24-hour culture, which means that people might stay out at the casinos for a long time or work too many hours. When they hit the road, they are sleepy, and sleep deprivation impairs the brain in a manner similar to intoxication.

An accident investigation conducted by a Nevada injury lawyer could uncover evidence of how long a person was awake before a collision. Proof that a driver had to be drowsy could make fault for a crash clearer and improve your chances of receiving a settlement for your injuries.

Losses Suffered by Victims

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You may be unaware of the damages you can claim without legal representation and cannot rely on an insurance adjuster to inform you of them.

Even if you were the victim of driver negligence, this does not mean that you automatically know what damages you have a right to demand from the responsible party. A car accident lawyer in Nevada can explain how to keep records of your costs and cite them during negotiations with an insurer.

Up to available insurance coverage limits, you might collect compensation for economic damages like:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Lost future income and benefits
  • Transportation costs to medical appointments
  • Funeral expenses (in the case of wrongful death)

Some car accident cases have the potential to result in punitive damages. A driver convicted of DUI or someone driving very recklessly may have to pay a larger settlement due to the bad behavior. Intoxication and speeding could represent more than just making a mistake. They are decisions made without regard to the safety of others, and a court may choose to punish the negligence.

Car Accident Attorney With a Great Reputation
Darren J. Lach has been well recognized within the personal injury law community for his excellence. He and his legal team strive to secure the highest possible settlements for people whose lives were turned upside down through no fault of their own.

After a motor vehicle accident, you could be vulnerable to a low settlement offer as your bills pile up, and you miss work. An injury lawyer in Nevada can help you understand the actual value of your claim. We will push for fair treatment during settlement negotiations at Lach Injury Law. If necessary, we will litigate your case in pursuit of maximum compensation. Schedule a free consultation today.

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